I think last night was the first night I thought to myself, “it will be really nice to go home and meditate and just clear my mind.” Not to go into detail, but a rough night at work had my mind running and feeling extremely frustrated. I just wanted a moment to clear my head and just not focus on the situations.

I actually tried using a chair instead of sitting on the floor. I have two little benches at the foot of our bed that look slightly perfect for meditation. I think I mostly think that because they’re made of wood and look classy, but if it fits the aesthetic more power to it.

Even next to a regular bed and a dog bed it looks meditation-y.

It did help. The frustration would pop up from time to time but I did my best to just see it as a passing thought and not my main concern. This really tested the whole “focus on nothing but your breathing” thing. It was relaxing though and I feel more neutral about it all.

The featured image shows a lone mushroom I found when we went to Cades Cove a long long time ago. I like it because it reminds me that out of decay and compost something unique can grow. It’s not as glamorous as flowers or even functional/necessarily edible as fruits and veggies, but it is one of a kind. Long as animals don’t trample on it and people leave it alone, it will grow.

Went a little deep there, please excuse me, I have been trying to keep up with things I am grateful for and I feel I must add a side note. I feel it goes without saying that I am grateful for my family, my husband, my job that pays the bills but makes me want to meditate at the end of the day, and that I have a roof over my head and something edible in the fridge. I want to focus more on the smaller things.

Do you all have a friend on social media, usually around Thanksgiving time, that they post something every day that they’re thankful for? Everyone usually has the same answers, sometimes different orders, but at times it mostly feels like a brag? It also usually quickly devolves into “I’m so thankful for coffee on busy days lololol.”

It’s interesting to me that I take it as a brag when I’m sure they are actually thankful for those things, but it just rings hollow at times. (See? This the that jealousy thing I’m trying to work on.)

Anyway, I want to be a bit more specific for what I am grateful for. The feeling of crawling into bed after a long day, not the action but that feeling of relaxation and relief. A face of pure joy is also easy to spot, you can tell the fake laughs from the genuine thing and it instantly spreads to me. I’m also grateful for moments in the day where everything is so silent you could swear you hear the grass rustling.

Those are the things I strive to find in the day to day and I hope you all do as well. May try to meditate outside tonight, we’ll see how it goes. Would love to find some takers to maybe go to a meditation course or listen to one of those guided meditation videos if anyone is interested.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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