King of the Fruits. Durian.

Yes. Durian is really called king of the fruits. Buckle up y’all, this is going to be two posts in one. This will be about durian and my time doing this blog. This is the last post of Try52.


I assumed that everyone knew what durian was when I kept talking about it in relation to the blog. I had read so much about it even before starting the blog so I thought that is notoriety was well known, but no, I kept getting weird glances when I expected horrified faces.

You see, this is a fruit that is banned in certain public places in Asia. You may ask if it is because the spikes hurt, which they do, or if it is just cumbersome to deal with. But no, this is the smelliest fruit.



I had my eye on this beauty the first time I walked into the Asian supermarket. I had to buy it frozen so I put it back in my freezer at home once I finally made the commitment and put down $22 to buy the smallest one I could find.

Y’all, my freezer is still airing out. When I bought it, I noticed the smell, it was like a dull sweet smell. The smell was mixed slightly with a hint of mustiness and I just assumed that was from transportation and being frozen and refrozen and all that. I read that the frozen durian can actually keep for a few months.


I struggled to find someone to try this with me. I invited friends who firmly declined. My family has pretty weak stomachs so they hastily said no. I even put an open invitation to try a “mystery fruit” on Facebook but nobody bit.

I finally got the nerve to take it out and let it defrost in the sink though a little bit after Christmas. The smell was still there but not overwhelming. I was excited to try it out because I can withstand quite a bit when trying new things honestly. I know I have spit things out but mainly because I just really didn’t feel like eating it when I got the flavor from chewing. I thought of it more as chewing gum with fruits and veggies.


I got everything ready though, and even watched a video where someone said it is best to peel it open and not have to resort to a knife if you didn’t have to. I felt pretty lucky to have one that was starting to crack open perfectly down the seam. I laid down some poster board, put on old clothes and began to tear open the durian fruit.


The fruit on the inside is in pod form and is supposed to be slightly mushy. I went ahead and opened it while it was partially frozen so I could get a good piece of the pod instead of just stringy bits of it. It pulled apart easily, and the pod wiggled out pretty easily too.

It hit me though. It hit me like someone was shooting a barrage of rubber bands at my nose.

As I type this days later I can smell the smell in the back of my sinus cavity.


It was a combination of burning rubber and rotten onions. I feel like I have read that description for the smell plenty of times, but I need you to go back, reread it and really envision those smells separately. How when you smell burning rubber that it has a bite to it, that it is like a skunk was also thrown on the fire and then you throw in rot and moldy matter connected to onion. Please combine all those in your senses and you will see where I was at as I would take a photo, then step back to get fresh air.


I got a fork because I was terrified that I would get that smell on me. I was going out later that evening and didn’t want to smell like a landfill. I got a little bit on the fork, got it to touch my lips and I gagged.

Thinking that to be an odd reaction, I tried again. Nope. Wouldn’t go in the mouth.

I tried to lick a tiny spot but once my tongue was back in my mouth it was an explosion of onion/rubber smell.

I didn’t eat it.

I tried, but I didn’t eat it. My stomach wouldn’t let me.

So yes, I am ending this huge endeavor with a fruit I kinda didn’t really try. I held it in front of my mouth and my body was flat out rejecting it. It wasn’t like a drink where you can let it slide down, but something I would have to chew and taste and burp that flavor up over and over. I couldn’t make myself do it.


People who like durian are obsessed with it. They say it has a custard like texture, and is sweet. My brain just didn’t connect seeing that piece of fruit and smelling that awful smell. It wanted sweetness, it wanted juicy sugary goodness, but it couldn’t comprehend what was before it.

I immediately threw it in a trash bag, the durian, the fork, the poster board and then in a box and then in another bag and promptly dumped into a far away dumpster.

I was amazed. I spent the most on this pick, and really built it up so much in my head that at first I was disappointed with not shoving a piece in my mouth and just have a bucket nearby, like I was on Fear Factor or something, but I got pretty far really.

That is what I want to remember about this effort. I set out to do this as something to pass the time, then it became something that really motivated me to be creative, and as time went on it became a chore, but the durian taught me that I have done all that I can. I have reached for the king of fruits and promptly thrown it away.

I have tried so many new things this year. I can’t believe I was doing this last winter and spring and summer and got a taste for seasonal goodies and just really felt closer to my food. I can confidently identify mystery fruits and veggies and really I feel like once I set a goal, I can reach it. It has honestly been a while since I’ve set such a long term goal that it feels nice to reach it. I just kind of want to bask in it.

I know I hinted at 2019 being more new things, my wallet and my schedule don’t really allow it. You have no idea how nice it has been to have you all reading this and commenting and liking and maybe I can return to this with a random new fruit or vegetable. But for now, and probably for a very long time, it feels nice to just be done for a while. I need time to enjoy my time off work and time to rebuild my savings and spend more time with friends and family instead of telling them I have to work on the blog. It’s been a real treat y’all and I hope to bring you more nice things some other time.

I hope your new year is amazing. This year, next year and all the years after.

Now please, go out and try something new, do it for you.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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  1. Thanks for all the “foodie” information, photos, and recipes. I hope you will provide more food information in the . future. Happy New Year!


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