Squash Those Summer Blues

You were getting a bit worried, weren’t y’all?

Welcome to week 40. Didn’t see the picks for weeks 38 and 39? That is because I didn’t post anything.

You see, I am a human being who is subject to whims of laziness that like to hang around. Especially when work schedules change, still no working clothes dryer and awaiting a major holiday where it is wise to start saving money.

All that and I just didn’t feel up to posting. I tried to make this into more of a commercially acceptable product when it isn’t. This is my project that is coming from my passion and interest. If I get people reading and enjoying, that is great. If I don’t amass a thousand followers for this journey, that is fine too. This is for me.

From here on I’m going to be mixing some of the old with some of the new and posting when I want to, but hopefully fairly consistent with what days and all. I’m too close to the end to give up now and I appreciate you all still sticking around with me.

So, how do I fix the missed weeks?


This week, I am going to try five different kinds of squash. I had several different squash on my list, but they were all going to be lined up in the fall months and I really didn’t want to subject you all to an entire month of squash.

So I am going to do an entire week. Each squash will count for one of the weeks I have missed and get me a little ahead of the year. I’ll try and make some fun posts in those upcoming weeks.

Some may say this is cheating, but I beg to differ. I feel that I was fair when it came to the two different papayas and the two different taro roots. There wasn’t a huge difference between the two.

However, squash come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors and they actually have different flavors and usages, so they should get their own little spotlights. I think it is awfully fair of me to condense everything into one week rather than an entire month of just squash.

I’m going to leave it at that, I missed y’all, I missed this, and let’s finish up 2018.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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