Deep Fried Spring Onions

(New York Times provided the recipe today, check out their cooking section, it is fantastic!)

I have a confession to make as a 29 year old Southern woman.

I have never deep fried anything.

I know how to pan fry and faux fry things in the oven. I even bought a dutch oven pot for this explicit purpose so that I may cross the threshold into Southern chef-dom.


All jokes aside, these were fantastic. I know you’re probably thinking, “why is she so excited about what is essentially a weird looking onion ring?” Because it is my weird looking onion ring and I made it myself and you shouldn’t judge people, it isn’t nice.

The only downside is that I was just so excited to start eating healthy again (Whole30 was a rousing success, thank you for asking! My bank account more than my body needs a break from it though) and I couldn’t pass up the picture of a deep fried onion, stalks and all.


You know, there is something somewhat elegant to vegetables breaded and fried. Most methods of cooking leave them looking mushy and dull while frying helps maintain their shape and has a nice contrast of browning to the original color. Nobody can resist the sound of something being fried, I don’t care how many 5k races you’ve ran.


I had to chop off the tops of the stalks so they could somewhat fit in the pot and after I got done frying the whole onions, I couldn’t resist throwing in the little bits I chopped off afterwards. It makes me want to fry regular green onions now and that would be an absolute treat.

The spring onion taste itself though? I nibbled a little bit before throwing them in the batter and oil and they are good. I want you to focus on that emphasis because I ate a little shoot raw and loved it. The onion flavor is not as intense as a green onion and it truly is sweet. I think you shouldn’t get too complex with these onions because you don’t want to lose the flavors they have within.


Overall I call deep fried spring onions a rousing success.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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