Celeriac Conclusion

This feels like the most exotic thing I’ve tried so far since starting this blog and I was not 100% disappointed with the results. Just the hash. That runny egg on top though really salvaged that for me so it was at least something tasty. Anyway, this was the most unique if we are going on looks so far, maybe with fennel as a close second.


I wanted so much more out of celeriac. I wanted it to be a fresher tasting root. I wanted it to be tastier than turnips. I wanted it to be the root vegetable for me. Alas, I must wait for another root vegetable to cross my table. I am so glad that winter is starting to give way to spring. It was difficult to think of eating these hardy veggies while seeing daffodils popping up outside and the sun shining down like it has never even been around a cloud.


Ok, got a little bit weirdly almost poetic there. I’m still talking about this lump of dirt that has something edible buried within it. I’m not going to be the advocate of celery root. I will say that it does deserve one attempt of a bite. Preferably someone else cooking it because they are pretty tough, because they feel like they’re woody but they’re not really at all.


Like I said, I am so ready to be done with root vegetables for a minute. I feel spring coming and I am so excited for more colorful, fresher fruits and vegetables. I am feeling a trend with the roots where you need to throw them into some hearty dishes because they are pretty filling and heavy. I think my weary winter soul is ready for a change and something else to try.

Sorry for the shorter posts this week and I haven’t been pushing as much on social media. I’ve debated getting this page its own Instagram or Facebook account and was just curious if anyone would be interested in that? Of course, you can always follow this blog by clicking “Follow” when you scroll down the page. No pressure, but you totally should. It is free and I stick to a pretty reliable schedule. So go out there, follow this blog, tell your friends and try new things!



Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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