Turmeric Conclusion

It hit me today as I was cleaning the leftover turmeric roots out of my fridge that I never really touched on the taste of turmeric. I think the actual essence of turmeric may have been drowned out in a sea of milk and cinnamon. It smelled peppery for sure and it had a slight tang to it as if it were a bit spicy. I use spicy here in the sense that it was earthy with zing, not the chili pepper rating you see on menus.


I also must say that while these things look like little weird carrots in almost every aspect they stain everything yellow. I kept seeing recipes where it warns of how bad it stains everything and I fully expected my kitchen to come out in mandarin orange at the end, but it turned more into a weird bright yellow. I did pretty well until I realized that night when we were on our way to a fancy banquet that my right hand was stained this nasty yellow color. If you have somewhere nice to be that night, wear gloves when handling this stuff.


I hope that I have imparted upon you all my opinion of turmeric being used more medicinally rather than just for eating. Everyone seems so concerned with making sure they take the right dosage of the powders or pastes that it is difficult to land on a good recipe that utilizes fresh turmeric and doesn’t take hours or a basket of odds and ends that will stay in my cabinet for months.


This may be another to be revisited and use possibly in another manner. I never really hear anyone say, “Oh man, you just have to put turmeric in your food, it’s my favorite flavor.” If this is you please get in contact with me as to what I am supposed to be doing with turmeric.

I want to thank you all as well for sticking around this week for the weird update schedule. Like I mentioned, we’ve had a vacation and other events going on that made it slightly difficult to get something on here in time, but rest assured that week 29 will be right back on track.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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