Napa Cabbage Conclusion

I know napa cabbage/Chinese cabbage is not the most unique or special piece of produce but let me just tell you that it is rare that they grace the checkout stand. Everyone always gets the standard green cabbage head and calls it a day, but nobody is up there shaking up their cabbage world with some napa.


I believe that green cabbage and all cabbage in general is a great vegetable to get some green in a dish without it wilting down into nothing like spinach or a lettuce would. I never really hear anyone say, “you know what? I am craving some cabbage like crazy” because it doesn’t really have a strong flavor.


I am sorry if I offended some cabbage lover who gets crazy strong cravings for a good cabbage leaf from time to time. It adds quite a bit of interesting flavor and texture to a dish though.

cabbage3.jpgI just want to say thank you again for keeping up with this thing and I hope you are getting some ideas on trying your own new food or activity for a bit. It doesn’t necessarily have to be trying cabbage or lotus root but just introducing something new and somewhat exciting into your life. Sometimes it is just a nice thing to do something different from your usual routine and go-to meals or shopping trips. Stay tuned for some more new produce!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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